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A7 Autobahn Cover


THE A7 MOTORWAY runs through Altona, a district of Hamburg. To reduce noise and pollution in the city a green landscape cover is to be built overtop of large sections of the autobahn.

When the landscape cover is built it will re-unite two districts--Altona and Bahrenfeld. Rather than being separated by overpasses and exits the two neighborhoods will be stitched together again by recalling important historic urban spaces - for example the Bahrenfeld Marketplace. 

Incorporated into the landscape cover is a new structure of 'kleingärten' - small garden plots used by local residents to grow flowers and vegetables. The mixture of open space, important historic axes and productive land brings cohesion and purpose to the new park.

Project Year: 2011

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Status: 3rd prize

Design: sinai    |   Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten

Role: concept design, visualization

All images property of sinai    |   Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten